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Our Story

Fresh out of college and just 1 year into dating, during the Spring of 2008, Matt and Renee went on a “college budget” European vacation. They visited 4 countries, staying in a variety of hostels and eating street food to stay within their means. They fell head over heels for the French Crepes made by street vendors which seemed to be around every corner in Paris, and admittedly ate more than their share of Banana Nutella Crepes every day of their stay!

Upon their return to Michigan, Matt and Renee were frustrated to find a surprising lack of careers available for their degrees. In the Summer of 2008, they decided to get creative with their futures and bring a taste of their Parisian experience to fairs and festivals around Michigan as the only Crepe Vendors around. This presented more challenges than the couple could have anticipated, but they learned a bit about the business and perfected their own recipes to closely mimic those street delicacies they so thoroughly enjoyed in Paris.

In the Spring of 2009, and with stars in their eyes, the 24 year old couple, made the ultimate plunge and jumped feet first into a bricks-and-mortar establishment to share just a small taste of their Paris trip with as many adventurous patrons as they could find! On July 2, 2010, Matt & Renee opened the doors to La Crepe du Jour for the 1st time offering only 12 Crepes and basic coffee drinks! They worked together side by side 7 days a week often putting in 12+ hours and returning together the next morning to do it all again.

Even after all of those long, hard days spent together, the happy couple managed to find time for each other, and in December 2010, Matt took yet another plunge when he got down on one knee and asked Renee to be his wife! Busier than ever before, they are more grateful with each passing day for the opportunities La Crepe du Jour has given to them and their 4 young children. They genuinely appreciate the chance to share their Paris-style Crepes with you, and they hope you enjoy your “taste of Paris in Little Bavaria!”

Stopped in for dinner, haven’t had crepes in years. These were amazing! I had mine with the German flair, a Ruben. Daughter had the turkey club type. We were full when we left and pleasantly surprised. Thanks!!
Jennifer M.

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